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Our tutoring will help you the confidence to write an exam in months and also excel in the real deal
30 minutes of audio / video call counsellation
Crash Course
20 Hours of tutoring
Focusing on key high-yield exam concepts to excel in the exam
20 Hours of tutoring
One on one tutoring
Teaching & discussing in the area of your weakness
Tricks to answer MCQ as quickly as possible by ruling out other options in the vignette
Practice to write an assessment exam
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Complete Course
80 Hours of tutoring
DressMD offers the highest quality online, 1-on-1 USMLE tutoring on the market.
80 Hours of tutoring
One on one tutoring helps on focus and learn your weakness.
Teaching all the basic concepts, flow chart, metabolism, pathophysiologic mechanism, pathways, histology and hematology slides etc.
Learning how to pick up important points from the vignette and answer them, simultaneously exclude other option in the MCQ.
Helping to memorize the concept by understanding and giving pneumonic where ever needed
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