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hey..i liked the way you teach. it was a really good session. thanks​


This teacher was excellent at providing visual learning strategies for complicated material. She used a whiteboard to teach pediatric concepts and helped bring First Aid to life in ways I have never learned from other resources. What I appreciate most — and what makes her different — is that she individualized the session to me instead of recapitulating notes from an audio source. I learned more about intussusception moving “proximal to distal” than I did from me reading the notes in a passive way! She will challenge you to know WHY management is true which is the best way for long-term retention!​


I enrolled with dressmd.com for 3 months, before I was schedule to take test. Dr Padharia, helped me to understand every detail concepts in FIRST AID and also helped  me to pick the clues while doing multiple choice questions . She taught me how to exclude other option in vignette which was very helpful while doing online questions.
She was very good in explaining the mechanism of all the diseases on the white board . Simultaneously help me to give pneumonic where ever required .
Initially when I started preparing for this exam I was confident that I knew the material but after the session with Dr Padharia I realized   I was wrong she never hesitated to explain me even I asked multiple times. My  NBME score started improving and I started to answer UW Q BANK, AMBOSS and Rx questions by excluding and picking up correct answer that boost my confidence to appear the exam and clear my exam with flying colors
I highly recommend dressmd.com, I would definitely recommend Dr Padharia who ever chooses to use her guidance will not be disappointed.

Sam Tom

The teacher explained things in a very simple way. You can definitely learn a lot even in one session.

Ilse Saldivar

I passed my USMLE Step 1! I am forevermore grateful to Dr. Sharma. More than words… You are very instrumental to this passing.

Maria Jocelyn Tarcelo
Doc JT

I heard Dr. Lata from my friend and decided to give it a try. As I have a low step 1 score, I need to get a good score on Step 2. I gave it a try with Dr. Lata and I love it.
Dr. Lata spent time to explain concepts very well. I always do my UW questions then asked Dr. Lata questions related to the UW questions/concepts. She is very caring and always dedicates her time and effort for students success. She was the one who kept telling me to do questions, and keep studying. I was able to increase my score from step 1 to step 2 by 20 points with her help. Thank you Dr Lata.

My Tran

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